Glycerine is a clear, syrupy liquid with a sweet taste and is extremely hygroscopic (water-attracting) in pure form. It is produced by the reaction of oils and fats with water, and is separated and purified to make a high quality product suitable for a wide range of end uses.


Industrial Applications: Glycerine has important industrial applications, for example as a polymer building block in the production of alkyd resins and polyurethanes for use in paints, inks and coatings. Glycerine is also a raw material for the manufacture of many different types of chemical intermediate, including solvents, plasticizers and surfactants. The water-binding tendency of glycerin is exploited in the preparation of anti-static and anti-fogging additives.

Foods and Beverages: In foods and beverages, glycerine functions variously as a humectant, solvent, preservative and sweetener. It is also used in skin creams, body washes, shampoos and soaps for its lubricating, moisturizing and clarifying properties. Due to its benign nature it can be safely ingested, and is used to sweeten and thicken cough syrups, elixirs and expectorants, toothpastes and mouthwashes. In liquid detergents, glycerine has an important role as viscosity regulator, solvent and ciarifving agent.

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