Bleaching earth, a highly effective adsorbent essential in the refining process for the purification and decolourisation of oils

Our Bleaching Earth, a highly effective adsorbent essential in the refining process for the purification and decolourisation of edible and non-edible oils.

Mangalam Bleaching Earth are manufactured and sold under registered the trademark.

Bleaching Earth is world renowned for its consistency in quality, performance and efficiency in meeting even the most demanding refining requirements. Our portfolio of international clients constitutes some of the largest and most reputable edible oil businesses in the world.

Best of all, Bleaching Earth offers our customers the lowest total cost of ownership, because it works harder and more effectively for you.

Technical information of our Bleaching Earth
Chemical composition
SIO2 45-55
AL2O3 10-15
Fe2O3 2-7
MgO 0-3
CaO 0-7
Na2O 0-1
K2O 0-1
Physical Properties
AppearanceFree flowing powder OdourOdourless pHAlkalined
Boiling PointN/A Melting PointN/A Flash PointN/A
FlammabilityNot flammable Explosive PropertiesNon-explosive Oxidizing PropertiesNone
Vapour PressureN/A Relative Density500 – 1000kg/m3 SolubilityNegligible solubility in water
Notes : Analysis may vary with bleaching earth source and is quoted as % dry weight. Elements present in the bleaching earth have been expressed as their oxides.

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